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About Mobile Gambling

The Android phones developed by members of the Open handset Alliance which includes Google, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Ericsson and many others has spawned an entire market for mobile casino games. With the release of Android as open source in 2008 these handset manufacturers with the help of Google opened up the gambling apps market to a huge number of phones and ensured that casino operators would design their games for these phones.

Mobile gambling has exploded in recent years and it is now possible to use a sportsbook on your mobile, or play mobile slots, mobile roulette and more mobile casino games than you can shake a stick at. You can now play all of these casino games wherever you are and you can often play for play money if you can’t get access to the internet meaning you can always play your favourite games.

The excitement of the casino is now available on your phone and with the investment casino operators are making the games are getting better and better. There is an enormous range of games that can be played on almost any mobile phone. Whilst the more modern and more powerful phones are able to runcomplex games with razor sharp graphics even the old phones have access to basic casino games.

The technological development in phones means you can take the fun and excitement of the casino with you wherever you go. You can play mobile roulette on the bus but don’t celebrate too loudly. You can enjoy the mobile slots whilst waiting in the pub for your mates just don’t tell the landlord and you can play mobile poker and other casino games whenever you have a minute to spare or when you’re watching a terrible film.

Many people imagine the BlackBerry as a complete business phone but the casino operators have realised everybody likes the fun and excitement of games and have developed applications for the BlackBerry to allow you to enjoy mobile gambling whether it’s mobile roulette, mobile bingo, mobile slots or mobile poker.

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