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Blackjack History

The history of Blackjack still is widespread discussed so far. The exact origin of Blackjack is still in question but many game historians believe Blackjack has evolved other card games. Among the card games consider to be the origin of Blackjack is “French Farm” and “Railway. ”

During the 18th century, a card game similar to Blackjack became famous in French casinos. This card game is called “Twenty-one” is French word literally means “twenty-one”.

A century after the game of blackjack reached the American soil for the first time. Blackjack has become an instant hit in the casino and card rooms outrage of anti gambling policies implemented across the nation. It was held in 1933, when the game was legalized in Nevada. It was followed by other states as the years passed. This Blackjack powered to a larger size of popularity. Every casino saw the rise of the popularity of Blackjack as it brought in huge amount of profits. Blackjack tables are always full and bosses keep coming back to enjoy a game or two.

Because of this popularity, blackjack strategies have been developed. Several books and articles have been published to inform the public of some strategies and basic tips to help improve blackjack skills. It all started in 1953 when Roger Baldwin published his article “Optimum Strategy in Blackjack.” Six years later, Professor Edward O. Thorp wrote the book “Beat the Dealer,” which refined and developed basic Blackjack strategies.

Perhaps the most notable blackjack player is John Uston. He brought five other blackjack players with small computers attached to their shoes. At the end of the night, the group earned $ 100,000. After this, Uston was arrested with his Blackjack players. He was later released while the FBI expert found that computers were not used to cheat instead for public information.

The success of Uston has set the stage for a more scientific approach to playing blackjack. The scientist, mathematicians and blackjack experts have developed more sophisticated blackjack strategies. They not only studied the game but also the blackjack table. With this, casino owners have begun to loose profits. As a result, they changed blackjack rules to prevent cheating and card counting. These new rules did not last long as the Blackjack bosses protested and refused to play casino games. Casino owners have no choice but to bring back old rules and platforms from using four, five or eight cards while playing blackjack.

Quite true, blackjack has come so far in terms of its history. He overcame a lot of challenges but is still steadily gaining popularity. It’s easy to conclude that Blackjack will continue to remain one of the most favorite card games there is.

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